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About RMI


The Company 

Records Management International Limited (RMI) was established in 1994 and is a registered company operating in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.

RMI advises on and supports the management of records and archives in the public and private sectors.

Through its editorial division, English Editing International (EEI), it provides editing, proofreading and indexing services to writers and publishers.

The company is committed to providing a quality service in response to clients' needs.  During the past 15 years RMI has carried out projects for clients in South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

The company's core services are delivered by the Principal Consultant.  Project teams of associate consultants are established as required.


Principal Consultant


The Principal Consultant of RMI is Don Brech.  Born and educated in England, Don graduated from Cambridge University and subsequently emigrated to Australia.

His career as an archivist began with his appointment to the Commonwealth Archives Office (now the National Archives of Australia) in Canberra. He subsequently held senior professional positions, establishing archives and records services, in the United Kingdom, Australia  and Hong Kong.

Don holds United Kingdom and Australian citizenship and is a permanent resident of Hong Kong.



 In Hong Kong record keeping services have been provided to clients from the public and private sectors,including the Government Records Service, the Hong Kong Tourist Association and the legal firm of Deacons.

RMI has also carried out assignments for clients outside the region.  Notable among these have been the London-based International Records Management Trust (IRMT) and Public Administration International (PAI),and UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Projects for IRMT and PAI have been in support of international development programs relating to governance, accountability and public sector reform.

These have included: a strategic review of central government financial record keeping in The Gambia; a proposal for an electronic document management system for the archives of the Central Bank of Uganda; and development of a records management strategy and implementation plan for the Lagos State Government in Nigeria.

More recently, consultancy services were provided to the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in Lesotho, and to the government in Kosovo on the management of government records and the national archives.

Publishers and institutions in Hong Kong and Macau for which RMI has provided editorial services have included Hong Kong University Press, the Macau Ricci Institute, Odyssey Publications, Oxford University Press, and Sweet and Maxwell (China).



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